January 17, 2021

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Jewelry Care

Wow here it is - well into January2021!  And looking forward to spring! 2020 was a challenging year to say the least but I have worked hard to take care and learn personal and professional lessons that presented themselves readily.  I hope you have as well - life still does move along no matter what.

I wanted to share a couple of tips for caring for your jewelry.  When mindful of our purchases,  we need to take care of our items so they last well.  The jewelry I make is most often stainless steel or aluminum.  As stainless steel and aluminum do not tarnish or discolor, these metals can easily be cleaned with a gentle wipe with a damp cloth.  It is generally soap/ product build up that dulls the metal tone.  

For other metals I came across this DIY Jewelry cleaner for sterling silver, gold / gold filled and brass:

1 tbsp salt

1 tbsp baking soda

1 tbsp dish detergent

1 cup of water (heat in microwave for 1-2 mins)

1 piece aluminum foil - cut roughly to cover the bottom of a small bowl.

Pour water over the foil in the bowl and add other ingredients.  Place jewelry on top of the foil and let sit for 10 mins.  Rinse jewelry with cool water and dry with  soft cloth.  Easy peasy.

I hope you all are connecting, creating and being kind!





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