Your Path - Boho Inspired Pendant - Hematite/Balance

This pendant is part of the Choose Your Path Collection.  There are many elements to this pendant.  If you are one who desires more Balance in your life to support self esteem and positivity or are simply drawn to its amazing grey sheen, Hematite is a good choice for you.  It is also thought to strengthen self-confidence.  The mandala in the design is known as a symbol of spiritual journey and all is never ending and everything is connected.  . 

There is a saying 'feathers appear when Angels are near'.  Feathers signify many things, for many people, for many cultures.  Symbolism includes hope, growth, protection & encouragement for you path.   Matching Swarovski crystals have been added for added sparkle. 

This pendant is truly stunning. 

All metal elements in this pendant are stainless steel including the chain which will not tarnish, fade nor discolor.  Stainless steel is also lightweight.  The chain measures approx. 35" but can be sized to your style preference and body type.  

Type: Unknown Type

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