Your Path - Boho Inspired Earrings - Sodalite / Calm (2)

These earrings are part of the Choose Your Path Collection - Calm.   Sodalite with its dark blue coloring & white veins is very beautiful.  Also very powerful,  it is thought to have a harmonizing ability to help calm to weather the storms of life.  It also enhances positivity, intuition & seeing the beauty in life.  

There is a saying 'feathers appear when Angels are near'.  Feathers signify many things, to many people, in many cultures.  Its symbolism includes hope, growth, protection & encouragement for the path you are on.   

Earrings measure 2" plus ear wires (nickel free).  The metal is stainless steel which is lightweight and will not tarnish or fade.

Type: Unknown Type


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