Hexagon Earrings

A unique juxtaposition of round and angles create a perfect space for gemstones like amethyst, hematite & apatite. 

The purple coloration of Amethyst varies from light to dark and has strong protective properties.  Amethyst heals & calms the mind & spirit so are perfect to wear when you need some healing or when you need a reminder to take care.

Hematite is also a stunning stone with its grey sheen.  Hematite is known to absorb negative energy and is calming  & grounding.

Apatite is another beautiful stone of pristine blues..  This stone can enhance focus, concentration and help with acceptance and love.  Also thought to decrease appetite (hunger).

Earrings are hypoallergenic, lightweight & non-tarnishing.  Measure approx. 1 1/4" plus nickel free ear wires. 

A perfect metal and gemstone pair of earrings you will feel great wearing.  

Type: Unknown Type

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