Amethyst_Bracelet - Fundraiser for Saskatoon Interval House

A beautiful bracelet about connection to ourselves and others. 

This genuine gemstone bracelet with Tree of Life charm & Swarovski crystals has significant properties and symbolism.  Amethyst  is a gemstone with properties believed to support tranquility, balance and peace as well as connection the the divine.  While Lava Stone is known for its strong grounding and present moment awareness properties.  Lava stone are porous beads making them ideal for releasing scent.  Simply place a few drops of an essential oil on the lava beads and enjoy the scent!

The Tree of Life charm is symbol is a reflection of the interconnectedness of all life as well as growth, strength & peace; a strong message for ourselves and wish for all.  

100% of profits from the sale of the bracelet (earrings also available) will be donated to Saskatoon Interval House in support of the work they do and Domestic Violence Awareness Month (October).  

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