Yoga Bracelets - Essential Oil Diffuser

Inspired by a collaboration with Candace Jones Yoga and Fitness these bracelets were designed with properties to support common challenges women face in both life and in yoga practice - transformation, focus, calm.

Transformation - Labradorite (grey) is a beautiful gemstone that is a useful companion through change with properties of strength and perseverance.  It can also provide support if feeling stuck or uncreative in your life.  

Focus - Tiger Eye (brown) properties include the power to focus the mind, promoting mental clarity & assistance to resolve problems objectively and unclouded by emotions. It is said to help to decrease fear and anxiety.  Also a stone of protection, Tiger Eye may even bring good luck to the wearer.  

Calm - Howlite is a very strong calming stone.  To support heath benefits it soothes the body, mind & spirit along with emotions. With a gentle vibration it assists with increasing self awareness and clarity.  

Each bracelet has Lava Stone (black)- a grounding stone that strengthens your connection to Mother Earth providing strength and courage.  Lava stone are porous beads making them ideal for releasing scent.  Simply place a few drops of an essential oil on the lava beads and enjoy the scent!

Type: Unknown Type

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